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warehouse capacity

7 Tips when deciding on improving your warehouse storage capacity

In this article we will explore some solutions in maximizing your warehouse to extend its life by improving storage efficiency and potentially avoid an unnecessary and disruptive warehouse move. […]

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Project Assurance – 7 Critical Factors

7 Critical factors involved in a Project Assurance Review and how your operation could benefit from an overhaul during the limbo of lockdown […]

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Harvard summer for Siecap analyst

When Siecap analyst Georgie Dignan was offered the chance to participate in Harvard’s Summer School in July 2019, she didn’t think twice. “Going to Harvard was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I knew that I had to do it,” she says. […]

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Executive summary – How to position your feasibility study for success

A feasibility study can make or break a project. A robust feasibility study is critical in securing project funding from investors. It also provides confidence to make strategic decisions such as engaging with external partners, phasing investment, altering scheduling, postponing […]

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National Siecap events on supply chain automation and robotics address the changing face of business

Events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by project management and advisory firm Siecap have tackled big questions around the impacts of automation and robotics on the future of supply chains and logistics. Leading Australian automation expert Graham Bingham presented at […]

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Tips and insights: Customer segmentation and needs analysis

The basis of an effective supply chain (SC) is knowing exactly which service criteria are important to customers. It is critically important, therefore, to determine customer segments and the basic needs of each segment. 5 tips for customer segmentation and […]

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Tips and insights: Supply chain strategy and network design

Based on our in-depth experience in the transformation and optimisation of supply chains, at Siecap we believe the following insights are key to the success of any initiative. 5 supply chain strategy and network design tips Integrated approach An integrated […]

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