Project Assurance

We assist clients by setting projects up for success, determining the likelihood of successful project delivery, and identifying a project’s vulnerability.

Project Assurance is the process of critically assessing the health and viability of a project. Think of it as an audit function, ensuring that the project is set up for success. This independent project assessment confirms that the project complies with regulatory, internal, and investment standards. It provides decision-makers and key stakeholders with confidence that their project is on the right track.

Project Assurance is essential for managing high-risk project initiatives. It requires technical, strategic, and contractual expertise to conduct meaningful reviews and audits of project plans, project personnel, and forecasts of likely outcomes. This includes evaluating technical, economic, safety performance, and critical success factors.

Organisations and government bodies use Project Assurance as a supplementary project methodology to manage specific priority projects within their portfolios. Closely linked to project management, benchmarking, value assurance, and de-risking complex projects, Project Assurance ensures that your investments are protected, and goals are met efficiently.

Why Siecap?

At Siecap, we bring unparalleled expertise and a proven track record in Project Assurance. Our team of seasoned professionals combines technical, strategic, and contractual knowledge to deliver comprehensive project assessments that ensure your projects are set up for success. We provide independent assurance reviews and objective insights that help you mitigate risks, optimise performance, and achieve your strategic project goals. Trust Siecap to be your partner in confidently and precisely navigating complex, high-stakes projects.

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Due Diligence & Project Readiness Review

We provide strategic insight and direction for clients to support value based, risk adjusted decision making on their asset portfolios—validation of business case and project benefit analysis to identify project phase progression.

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Portfolio & Project Prioritisation

Siecap’s project frameworks help clients identify, assess, and prioritise their projects to deliver the best outcome in alignment with client strategic business plans and the prevailing market environment.

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Independent Project Assurance Reviews

We offer clients a full independent assurance review service that offers transparency on project performance, likelihood of delivery, risk exposure and recommendation action plans for success.

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Project Financial Analysis

Providing customised solutions to suit your internal operational and financial concerns with clarity and flexibility to scale. Our tools help clients to see the unforeseen to better manage the risk of the project.

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Project Performance & Close Out Reviews

Our complete independent project close out reviews determine if the project benefits realisation have been achieved as set out by the initial and subsequent business cases.

Our Clients

We have delivered results for distinguished businesses and projects in Australia and abroad.

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