Transport Optimisation

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13.5% total cost reduction delivered from a transport improvement program that rationalised the carrier base, improved cost and performance, whilst standardising rates and contract agreements

The Background

A large multi-divisional corporate with contract mining operations had undertaken a spend analysis and had identified a significant and largely unmanaged or uncontracted spend in the area of freight and logistics

In addition, a significant number of freight suppliers had non-standard invoicing arrangements adding an administrative burden on the organisation

How the Siecap team helped

Multi-divisional organisation required base-lining of the existing freight tasks and operations to ensure requirements were documented and understood

Requirements were categorised by freight task and customer requirements; industry options were identified and aligned, and business users were trained on how to manage the processes

An implementation plan was developed to ensure savings were delivered and the processes were sustained

The Results

A consolidated carrier base with standard agreements, rate tables and business usage policies

Audited annual freight saving of 13.5%

Improved transport supplier process compliance

Improved chain of responsibility recognition

Improved quality standards with a platform for continuous improvement

Our Clients

We have delivered results for distinguished businesses and projects in Australia and abroad.