Site Relocation Planning and Storage Optimisation

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Reviewed a proposed 30,000 tonne bulk storage and packaging facility design

The Background

Due to the sale of a major storage and blending facility, our client needed to relocate the operation onto land it owned adjacent to its manufacturing base.

Having conducted a preliminary assessment of the storage requirements, an external view was sought to confirm the base case and provided a view relating to how to optimise the integrated the facility into the existing site from a storage and traffic management perspectives. Critical to the review was considering the impact of seasonal product flows and the associated stock builds.

How the Siecap team helped

A three-phase approach was utilised to address the questions identified for review. These were to:

Phase 1
Model the Base Case and confirm if the initial storage facility requirements met the ten-year future business requirement.

Phase 2
Identify how to integrate the two sites by conducting a series of operational workshops and modelling the parameters defined through the process.

Phase 3
Developed a traffic impact assessment relating to the impact on the local road network, the intra site network and the ex-wharf for the planned growth in vehicle movements by analysing inbound and outbound volumes and building a profile of future vehicle movements.

The Results

Through the conduct of the review the base case facility storage was identified as being less than requirement by ~10,000 tonnes.

The conduct of the whole of site optimisation identified opportunities to reduce this increase in storage by 3,000 tonnes through the identification of ways to better utilise existing storages capacities through revisions to what products were to be handled by the two facilities.

The project identified an opportunity to decongest one of the bulk load out points and reduce peak season congestion through the balancing of volumes between the proposed facility and the existing site.

A detailed site traffic management plan was created.

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