LNG Greenfield Development

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The Background

The development of the APLNG project in the Surat Basin in Central Queensland was a large and complex project valued at +$23 billion. To execute the program a project construction strategy based on “just in time delivery” of large pre-assembled ‘modular’ units up to 7.5m by 21m, the largest single pieces of equipment ever delivered into the Surat Basin region was adopted.

This placed pressure on the community and infrastructure requirements and showed up shortcoming in the logistics planning and execution processes. To avoid a repeat of these issues Siecap was called upon to perform a program review.

How the Siecap team helped

The approach adopted to undertake the peer view incorporated:

Project documentation review

 Stakeholder and operational staff interviews

Alignment of the executed program to standard major project logistics practices

The Results

The recommendation of the study was the client should:

 Adopt a broader and all-encompassing definition for logistics is undertake for future projects.

Develop a logistics and infrastructure project process aligned to common industry practice of early inclusion of logistics group to act as technical authority at the ‘Assess’ stage of any future project to ensure maxim value is generated.

The related logistics group is resourced with the appropriate skilled logistics professionals and budget to conduct the necessary scoping studies and input requirements.

Our Clients

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