Contract Mining Asset Availability

Siecap is a project management and advisory firm specialising in providing a full range of corporate and operational services across the asset and investment lifecycle which assist our to clients optimise cost, increase performance and manage risk.

$50m in value was identified through the increase in asset availability of a contract miners mine fleet

The Background

Contract mining organisation with seven Australian project locations was suffering from the market down turn and an increasing cost base

The organisation required support to identify key initiatives that would both reduce cost, streamline process and improve asset availability

Previous internal lead studies had not gained traction with a low level of stakeholder engagement and commitment

How the Siecap team helped

The Siecap project team engaged heavily at a site and stakeholder level to ensure all issues were captured and buy-in was obtained

Key stakeholders from plant and maintenance, operations, supply and finance were involved in the development of opportunities and validation of the estimated benefits

This also included the review and redesign of how the work order management process should be managed to streamline planning visibility

The Results

Revenue Improvements: Improved asset availability through more effective spares and materials support

Cost Reductions: Production and operating cost reductions through increased asset availability and improved working capital

Facilitated the extraction of bulks from packages and ‘options and extras’ from mobile equipment

Standardisation: Standardisation of core processes to improve support services, process confidence and repeatability

Our Clients

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