Introducing Siecap’s Newest Principal Advisor, Peter Holmes

This edition of our employee spotlight series features Peter Holmes, one of Siecap’s newest Principal Advisors.

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Introducing Siecap’s New COO, Henry Brunekreef

It is with great pleasure that we are ready to formally announce the latest addition to the Siecap executive team. Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our new Chief Operations Officer, Henry Brunekreef!

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Why Hard and Soft Skills are required to deliver MRO Results

Author’s Preface A recent conversation with a very very senior supply chain leader who was the head of Supply Chain at one of the world’s largest FMCG organisations, had changed roles and taken on a position in a heavy asset / engineering environment with MRO parts. He mentioned that in […]

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Navigating Turbulent Waters: Actions for Success in 2023 and Beyond

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, corporate leaders face a torrent of trends, ideas, and information, making it increasingly challenging to discern what truly matters. To gain insights into the evolving priorities of top-performing CEOs, McKinsey & Company recently conducted its latest CEO Excellence Survey, exploring the actions taken by these […]

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ESG – why influence on the Mining sector continues to increase?

The rapidly changing and growing importance of ESG is having a fundamental impact on business and investment decisions across the global economy, […]

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How is China’s zero-COVID policy impacting APAC supply chains?

How industrial property and logistics players can build supply chain resilience into their strategies amidst current and future restrictions, as well as other risks […]

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What is Integrated Process Simulation?

The use of virtual integrated simulation adds value to the process engineering, logistics and integrated supply chain of your operations […]

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Why a carbon inventory on wastewater should be undertaken?

The impact on the environment through domestic and commercial wastewater emissions are projected to increase slowly from 2024 as wastewater facilities support a growing population […]

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Why vanadium redox flow batteries will be the future of grid-scale energy storage

Net zero and the role of energy storage – to maximise the use of renewable sources, investment in new storage technologies is required. […]

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Warehouse Outsourcing Pros & Cons

The ‘pros’ of moving to a warehouse outsourcing model, vs the ‘cons’ of handing over a key part of your customer experience to a third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider […]

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Carbon Off-sets

Carbon Off-sets!

One of the keyways that business can contribute to sustainable development and reduce emissions is through the purchase carbon offsets or investing in projects that create carbon credits. […]

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Project Controls Function

Project Management and the Project Controls Function

An effective project controls information system enables effective proactive management of the project. The idea is to deliver value by offering more […]

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