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Modern Slavery

“Ignorance is no longer an excuse. The facts are sobering and real.  An estimated 45.8 million people experience some form of modern slavery in the world today and more than two thirds are in the Asia Pacific Region. Not only is this our regional backyard, it is also where millions of […]

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Supply Chain Assurance and Chain of Responsibility

Why Supply Chain Assurance? The new legislation governing modern slavery, which was outlined in a previous article on the definition of Modern Slavery and compliance, coupled with the increased demand from consumers, is making supply chain transparency not only mandatory but also a critical factor for success.  This transparency requires detailed […]

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Building Supply Chain Resilience

“A resilient supply chain is as much about being able to fight recovery battles in the here and now, as about being able to secure a strategic advantage in times of crisis that competitors won’t have the ability to replicate.” -David Irvine, MD, Siecap Where To Put Your Focus The […]

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fast paced shopping street at night

Australian ECommerce Trends and Growth

“The rise of ecommerce has not only changed the game in terms customer experience and expectations, but it has been a catalyst for other industries to refresh their thinking on how they can add more value by increasing service, speed and agility.” -David Irvine, MD, Siecap Australian online shopping industry […]

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Why Hard and Soft Skills are required to deliver MRO Results

Ineffective MRO processes carry significant risks, which include among others, Unplanned equipment downtime.

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A Circular Economy – not a moment to waste

Transitioning to a circular economy within the 10 year time frame set by the Queensland Government is an ambitious goal, and not without its challenges […]

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Australian Critical Minerals

Funding and Support for Australian Projects. Clean energy technologies and the impact of hydrocarbon fuel are driving the increased focus on Critical Minerals […]

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